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Fix Corrupt MP4 Video Files & Rescue it Back Safely

MP4 is a video file extension used today by many digital cameras & camcorders to store videos. This very video file format has numerous advanced features and is widely used over Internet as well. The AVC technology it uses makes it capable of performing advanced video coding. With MP4 Video, it is now easy for people to watch videos on Internet those of DVD quality. All this, well reveals the popularity of MP4 files as such ensuring its safe up keep becomes important. However, the case may be that at any instant of time users may find it difficult to open those video or say you are unable to access MP4 files, situation as such usually relate to that of corruption or damage in the file and that is the time you need to repair corrupt MP4 Files.

Common reasons behind corruption of Video Files, are as mentioned below -

  • Header corruption
  • Improper handling of digital camera
  • Application failure
  • Error in file system extension
  • Read /write error & like others

Trying to open or access these MP4 files, may render numerous error in front of users such as the ones given below

The MP4 file fails to respond.
The file stopped suddenly while playing.
The MP4 file unable to play
It cannot be transferred to other devices & generates error when trying to do so

If you are confronting any sort of issue with your MP4 Video & the same is turned corrupt or inaccessible it is considered necessary opting for the advanced & easy to use MP4 Recovery Tool, competent enough in repairing damaged & inaccessible files for having the same retrieved back & saved at the location desired. So, as to ensure quick & complete recovery of the video data lost, it is recommended not to use the storage media, following any issue strikes it or say the files are rendered inaccessible.


To Repair Corrupt MP4 Files, the very application does thoroughly scan the media specified helping locate all missing, damaged & lost files. Once preview of the recoverable items are shown, it becomes all easy for the user to select the files required & have those saved at safe location desired to. Read-only scanning algorithm embedded in the application ensures that the file remains unchanged post recovery & scanning being thorough enough guarantees complete restoration of lost & deleted items in almost all scenarios with all ease quickly.

So, if your photos, audio or video are for any reason missing or lost from PC, free download the utility now to have the files recovered back now.



Let's Have a brief look how to fix damaged MP4 Files

Step:1 After having the application installed on system, execute it from the shortcut created, which shows the interface as below -

Step:2 Thereafter browse to select media for scanning & press the start scan button

Step:3 After the scan begins, preview of recoverable files are shown in the preview pane, as shown

Step:4 One may also select or say specify particular region of the media for rescuing files

Step:5 Specific File formats to be scanned for may also be specified

Step:6 Sector by sector drive image creation could be seen here in this step

Step:7 Specific range for recovery may also be specified

Step:8 With Resume recovery feature, users can restore files from last saved scan results.

Step:9 At, Lastly recovered files could be saved at desired location.




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